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The - 3. Simple Steps to GPS Savings...

Step 1. Complete Our Quick Questionnaire and Speak to an Expert

Our GPS Fleet Tracking Business Experts have devised a quick questionnaire to help in assessing you online for the solution for your business... it only takes a minute and will help the team to match you to the best GPS Fleet Tracking Solution for you. We'll give you a call with free professional advice after you complete the forms.

Step 2. Speak with a GPS Fleet Tracking Expert for Free

You'll receive a call from a Smartie GPS Fleet Tracking Business Experts to discuss the different GPS Fleet Tracking Solutions available to you. If you like what you've found they'll get started on arranging the best time for you to get started.

Step 3. Enjoy The benefits of keeping track of your fleet

Once your new GPS Fleet Tracking has arrived, simply plug-in, activate and go. You'll gain automatica access to 24/7 local Australian support, instant reporting and more.

Benefits of using our GPS Fleet Tracking Experts knowledge...

Vehicle Routes and Utilisation

Point A to Point B then C .. optimised and visualised

Reduce Fuel & Maintenance Costs

know where the team is, how they're driving the vehicles and optimise from there.

Easy Setup

    The ability to plug-in, activate and go. You can be up and running fast!.

Customised Solutions

Tailor-made GPS Fleet Tracking solutions because no one business is the same.

No Obligation - No High Pressure Sales

You’re under no obligation to move forward with our recommended GPS Fleet Tracking provider, we'll guide you through the process with no pressure.

Confused by the different solutions for your industry?

Fleet Management

Vehicle tracking is a broad brush statement covering vehicle management, staff driving behaviour, asset activity, fleet optimisation and so on, telematics has come a long way and can massively benefit your fleet.

Asset Allocation

Say goodbye to missing trailers, equipment, track containers and cargo, view it all from the comfort of the office at the click of a mouse


Stolen vehicle recovery, remote setting of alarms, you've worked hard to build your business don't let crooks take it away scot free.

Remote / Lone Workers

Sending the crew into remote locations or working solo, keep on top of their health and safety at all times.

Indoor and Outdoor Tracking Specialists

For fleet owners, the tasks involved in managing fleets can be overwhelming. Without a fleet management system to ensure that everything is in proper perspective, you can expect your daily operations to be chaotic.

Unorganized business operations can result in having higher overhead costs. Delivering excellent customer service will also be a challenge.

In 2019, new technologies have emerged. Most of them have been proven to make the lives of business owners much easier.

If you want a dedicated tool to help you with your operation, there are many reasons why you need a management system in 2019

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Why should you choose Small businesses are important to the Australian economy as they account for 99% of all Australian businesses, contribute hundreds of billions to the economy and employ more than 5.5 million people1. We love supporting our very own, that's why we help Australian business owners to find the best solution to meet their individual needs, at the best price.
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Share with our GPS Traacking Experts your individual business requirments... it only takes a minute!

Complimentary EFTPOS Advise

Complimentary Expert Advice

You'll receive a call from one of our GPS Tracking Experts to discuss the best options available to you.

Save on Merchant Service Fees

Keep Track of your Fleet, Assets and Team

We don't believe in high-pressure sales, the best GPS Tracking solution is a big decision, take your time and find what's best for you with our teams help.

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We're passionate about helping Australian businesses make educated decisions and feel confident in their growth, part of that is informing you and keeping you up to date, knowledge is power as they say and our editorial team love nothing more than empowering our loyal customers, have a read of some of the articles below

Do I need a fleet management system in 2019?

If you do not have a fleet management system yet, it is about time to introduce it to your business. There are good reasons for making it a part of your business. We've written a detailed article about it here.

Features to look for in a Fleet Management Software System

Does it manage parts, can it grow with you as you grow, can it hep maintain purchase orders we've written a comprehensive article on the ins and outs af what you need to look for here.