Is having a professionally designed website advantageous for a young business?

Despite the explosive growth of e-commerce in the past years, there are business owners who are still skeptical about the return on investment (ROI) of investing in the services of a website design agency.

Sure, you might know local businesses that don’t have an online presence but are doing exceptionally well. But, ever wondered how much better they could be doing if they have a website? And when we say ‘professionaly design website’, we don’t refer to an outdated, straight out of a free WordPress themes website. We are pertaining to a ‘well thought out’ website that is designed to generate more sales.

Here are the main benefits of web design for your startup or business.

  1. From invisible to visible

By creating a website, you make yourself more accessible to the people who are trying to find you online. More and more research tells us that customers tend to look for online reviews of a specific product or services before they actually but it. If you believe that your target consumer’s buying process involves online research, like consideration of online reviews or testimonials, a professional website just makes sense.

Furthermore, people who are trying to look for your services and products but doesn’t know where to specifically get them yet. With a website, you already have an advantage over your competitors who are offline.

In this day and age, think of your website as a big, flashy billboard. The more well-lit and beautifully designed your billboard is, the more you stay top of mind among your target market.

  1. You can control your online visibility

Search engine optimization is a strategy you can use to rank for specific keywords you want to be found for. It’s a long-term strategy that can take you from 6 to a year to get ROI from it, but it’s crucial to test to see if it works for your specific niche or industry because it can drive your targeted traffic while you sleep.

By creating high-quality content using targeted keywords (which is the heart of SEO), building relevant links, and building a brand that your customers want to engage with, you will create an authority website that search engines will start to see as a high-quality website and there’s a higher chance that your website will start appearing for the right queries.

  1. You create a 24/7 sales tool

Just imagine if you have a sales person who can pitch and close sales for you 24/7. While there’s no such person, because obviously, a real person needs sleep too, a website can do that for you.

Wait, what? Yes. If you invest in good copywriting, a professional web design agency your money can afford, you are not only building another marketing asset, you’re creating an automated sales machine that can compel your target audience to take action.

Whether that action is repeat sales, new sales, or fresh opt-ins, your website is your home turf where people can go and get to know your brand on a deeper level. Use your website to build confidence in your brand and a channel to give your customers important buying information.


Thinking of getting a professional website for your startup? What features are important for you?