New year, new web design trends!

Like every year, there are fresh and upcoming trends that we’ll start seeing more of on websites this 2019. We are talking about different things, starting from layouts, typography, to white space, and everything in between.

If you’re a business owner who’s looking to revamp your existing website or a startup business who never launched a website before, it pays to know that the latest trends in website design because when it comes to website launches, the design is already half the battle.

So, what are the hottest trends in website design that you should pay attention this year? We listed the top five trends that will set you up for success this 2019.

  1. Fluid/organic design elements

More and more designers are experimenting with more fluid shapes and lines.

The straight lines that came with flat design are still beautiful and are key to the minimalistic theme but if you want your website to be more unique and a standout among the rest, it’s not a bad idea to add fluid or organic shapes to your typical flat design shapes your usual circle, square, rectangle, or any straight-sided shape.

Incorporate fluid shapes in your design will give your website’s overall look and feel more approachable and in line with human nature.

  1. Retro aesthetic

Web design is having a 70’s throwback moment. What’s old is new again. Retro and vintage elements are steadily gaining popularity in the web design space.

f your brand deals with vintage products or retro-inspired items, creating a matching website is easier because of many creators are coming up with vintage-inspired themes and design elements that you can play around with.

  1. Monochromatic

Color is an important element in every design. But what about the absence of color? If done well, a monochromatic color palette can make your website even more memorable. It sends a bold statement and it can make your brand stand out from the sea of websites with saturated moods.

  1. Overlapping design elements

Bring the element of unexpected when you experiment with overlapping elements. Having items overlap each other can bring an eye-catching visual interest to specific areas of a page.

When done with careful consideration, this trend can add to the overall aesthetic of the site. This can also be tricky to execute and can cause frustration especially if it’s not well adjusted to mobile-first users. Nevertheless, it’s a new and exciting trend and we’ll see more of it soon.

  1. Reimagined headers

The hero area, also known as the “above the fold”, features a large image that occupies most of the viewport.

With a traditional design, it often showcases a logo and some text on top or a short introduction hinting what the business stands for or what it’s all about.

Over the last decade, there is very little experimentation in the hero area but soon enough, expect to see more changes in this area than ever before.

A good example would be Andreas Nymark’s heavily white-spaced header with a minimalistic heading at the bottom.


Which website trends are most excited about? Let us know in the comments below!