The Best Apps To Integrate Into Your POS For Food Delivery

If you are ready to take your business offerings to the next level, you need to get these food delivery apps and integrate them into your POS system.

Menulog – Allows customers to save money on food delivery, which means more business for you in the long-term.  Customers can order all of your meals and drinks online or via their simple to use App.

  • Best for: Ease of use

UberEats – You can connect with UberEats through their webiste or app, it’s speedy and simple. Don’t stress about large extra costs, they keep delivery fees low so your overheads stay low too. As one of the most popular options, it’s key to list your business on this app.

  • Best for: Popular App

Deliveroo- Offers customers local, fresh food – fast? They pick up from your business and deliver to their door. From end to end the service is quality, making your business look good too. The easy to use app is available on all mobile devices.

  • Best for: Fast service

OzFoodHunter – Oz food hunter: Local food at your door. Oz Food Hunter is an Australian owned company that is new to the market and increasing its offerings. With great reviews and excellent delivery times, your business will be in great hands, ensuring that customers are satisfied every time. No more cash handling, they take care of it all through their payment portal which comes through to you. Sign up with a locally owned app today.

  • Best for: Aussie owned

DoorDash – DoorDash’s innovative merchant-focused solutions enhance your success by transforming your business. Open your doors to an entire city and see your reach and revenue grow.

  • Best for: Growth

Bopple – Bopple enables businesses to design, set up, and manage their menus across multiple sales channels, including web, mobile and within their brick-and-mortar locations. This means you can provide the service your customers want, easily.

  • Best for: Simplicity

Easi – The largest Asian food delivery platform. With more than 25,000 restaurants available across 7 countries. Available in more than 30+ cities, EASI is a one stop shop for all your international food cravings. It’s so easy to get started if you offer Asian cuisine. Just fill in their expression of interest form.

  • Best for: Asian Restaurants

We find the best options in the market, so you can make informed decisions on tons of products and services.

Apps for hospitality business owners - Changing the future of service

Your business has finally re-opened (or maybe you were lucky enough to never close in the first place) but things are not as they once were. 

Instead of the usual heavy foot traffic, you are used to experiencing (pre-covid-19), you may have noticed a drop and an increase in online orders, phone calls and delivery requests.

If you can’t keep up with demand using your current system (phone, email or online) now is the time to invest in the apps that can do all the hard work for you, and ensure customers come back time and time again.

The main players 

No matter whereabouts in Australia you are located, at least one of these three apps are bound to be available in your area. They are so popular now that their increase in demand has caused a massive surge in need for delivery drivers, making it even more likely that you will succeed in integrating them into your offerings.

  1. Menulog – Not just your usual app, they offer discount codes and tend to expand more than just around the local area, giving businesses the opportunity to serve their food to customers who live in different postcodes. Customers can save money on food delivery too, with their price promise so that they pay the best price for the food they love. They can order all of your offerings online or via their simple to use App.
  2. UberEats – As one of the most popular food delivery apps, listing your business on UberEats can not only increase your reach but help put your restaurant on the map.

The little leagues

The other apps on this list are not to be discredited, instead, they should be embraced. Smaller or less well-known apps will always fight for your business, giving you the best deals possible and bend over backwards to help you integrate with ease.

Experience excellent service and quality every time with a smaller app provider, your business will be competing less and earning more!

How we created this list

Compiled from “Best of” lists published by the world’s most trusted sources, and with our own recommended brands peppered in – this Top7 list aims to help business owners make smarter decisions.