With businesses re-opening after lockdown and trying to make the most of the business coming into their shops and venues, it is important to have the right POS for your needs.

Gone are the days where an old-style cash register could suffice, customers now expect a certain “new normal” way of being served, with a POS that can handle contactless payments, EFTPOS integration, tap and go and online ordering.

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POS Systems

As lockdown slows across Australia, popularity in returning to hospitality venues has resulted in an influx of customers, desperate to be taken care of instead of making their own food and drinks. Your venue needs an efficient point of sale system to handle customers, operations and keeping track of vital data such as transactions, orders, and inventory.

Unfortunately, many business are still using analog cash registers, either to save money or add to the typical and popular “retro” theme that younger entrepreneurs choose to adopt when opening a new location. Though ‘image’ is important, being able to efficiently help customers and handle operations is their #1 priority, and an analog cash register simply cannot keep up.

Here, we will go over the key benefits of a cafe point of sale system in regards to how they raised speed and efficiency in providing great service, which always leads to increased profits, resulting in repeat business from satisfied customers.

Serve Customers Quicker & Easier

When customers visits your venue, they are not looking for a traditional dining experience, they want quick, easy and COVID-19 safe service. If a shop has to deal with several customers at a time looking for the same speedy service, modern POS systems allow for seamless order taking and tracking.

Instead of taking orders by pen on a paper pad and passing them to kitchen staff, a hospitality-specific POS system allows for real-time order taking and logging for kitchen staff.

Wait staff that take orders can do so using software that uses pictures or icons to represent items on a menu, organised into categories for easier searching. Modifiers and variances can be added to specific items with ease, cutting down an order time to seconds.

Also, kitchen staff can utilise a kitchen printer to get instant printouts of new orders, ensuring that they are fulfilled quickly and with total accuracy, eliminating the problem and expense of food being sent back and wasted due to incorrect preparation.

Alternatively, kitchen staff can have access to an additional cafe POS terminal to look at orders in real-time as they are taken, eliminating the need for more paper usage and offering more seamlessness to an already efficient way of processing food orders.

When you add this level of speed to your service, customers take notice and will regard your shop as the one to visit when they need service that is reliable and has adapted to the NEW NORMAL way of life. Though quality is always important, this is an industry where service speed is a very important factor.


Offer a Unique Experience

The best way to provide a comfortable experience and atmosphere is to make sure they never need to leave their table for service, which also keeps everyone COVID-19 safe and compliant. Offering contactless order and pay is the best way forward. This service can be integrated into any modern POS system and allows customers to order from a digital menu, pay online and receive their order without stress.

Contactless Order & Pay Solutions

With a touchscreen, ordering and payment processing takes less than a minute to perform. Having this unique approach to taking orders and having customers pay for them gives your shop an edge against competing shops that still have their customers wait in lines (which often pile up in the mornings) and slow their commutes down.

A Sound Investment

The hallmarks of any hospitality business, small or large, are how quickly they serve customers and how comfortable the experience is. By utilising all the features that a modern point of sale system offers, a shop will be able to improve upon these drastically and increase profits.