The best Australian Photocopier Solutions for all types of businesses

In a world of photocopiers, it’s easy to be taken in by the big manufacturers and shiny new models, or to presume that the pricey ones are better than the less expensive machines.

Gone are the photocopiers of old which only did one thing: sit in a far-away corner waiting for someone to make copies.

Choosing the best type of photocopier with the most flexible solution for your business can be overwhelming so it makes sound business sense to find the one that is best for you.

Need A Photocopier Solution?

Photocopiers present the most useful and convenient solution to everyday administration challenges in any office. With a wide choice of machines and new technologies now available, it’s important to consider what is going to be the best choice based on your requirements.

An important consideration is the manufacturer but it’s not always about the brand. Don’t be tricked by a manufacturer’s boasts about high yearly sales or how popular they are. Just ensure you are getting what you need along with customer service, inspections and, if needed, support.

Not only are features important to consider, but also:


The most crucial factor to consider. How much will it produce and how often?


Access the capital you need to complete your photocopier requirements.


Free up office staff and employees from worrying about toner levels and the long-term performance of the machine.


Compare sizes that best fit your needs: small home office, office copiers, production printers for high-volume printing.


Educate yourself and make the most out of your photocopier.


Design matters but output quality vary from brand to brand.


Wireless connectivity, image editing, security features such as biometric authentication and energy savings.

Set-up and Installation

Make sure a boxed photocopier is not shipped to you for you to figure out. They are complex machines so the right set-up is best left to the experts.


Every business is unique, so identifying the right photocopier for you depends on your goals, budget, and requirements and that’s where steps in.

One of our consultants will research options available to before referring you to the ones which cater for your individual requirements. Then it’s up to you to choose which one you want.

Photocopy How-To Guides

Copiers do more than just print. They fax, scan, email and more. Whether you buy or lease a copier will depend on the needs of your business and the type of machine you’re in the market for. The copier industry has had a slow growth over the past five years at 4 percent, making now a good time to capitalise on copier deals.

Most of us only know a small part of what today’s copiers can really do. So, it’s worth asking if free product training is provided to you and your staff as the machine is installed. A good provider will also offer ongoing training as technology and needs change. After all, a photocopier is a large investment and you want to get the most out of your money and machine.

Steps to Savings with Benefits
Industry Options A Quick Guide
Steps to Savings through

The - 3 Simple Steps to photocopier Savings

Step 1. Complete our quick questionnaire;

Our Photocopier Experts have devised a quick questionnaire to help in assessing you online for the best Photocopier solution for your business. It only takes a minute and will help the team to match you to the best Fuel Cards solution for you. We’ll give you a call with free professional advice after you complete the forms.

Step 2. Speak with a photocopier expert for free;

You’ll receive a call from one of our local Photocopier Experts to discuss the different providers and deals available to you. We will find the top Photocopier providers and once you’ve chosen the best provider, feel free to onboard with them.

Step 3. Enjoy low photocopier fees

Once you’ve signed up with your Photocopier provider, you’ll experience the tangible benefits a cost-effective Photocopier that serve your business goals.

Smartie Benefits

Benefits of using our Photocopier Experts knowledge...

Save on photocopying costs

Get the most cost-effective photocopier that matches your requirements.

Multifunction devices

Get an all-in-one photocopier that accomplishes more than one task.

Get multiple price quotes

Have plenty of options to choose from when you compare price quotes from various suppliers.

Top brands and retailers

Only the brands you can trust. 100% original equipments from some of the best rated photocopier brands in Australia.

Industry Options A Quick Guide

Confused by the different solutions for each industry?


Insurance companies are one of the most paper-heavy industries. Investing in the right photocopying solution will make a positive impact in your day to day operations.


Many educational institutions still rely on paper and hardcopy visuals to promote better learning experience. Let’s help you find photocopy machines specifically for the type of use you need.


Medical institutions could benefit from efficient photocopy machine that matches the level of urgency needed in healthcare.


Well-maintained photocopiers are an essential addition to any accounting firm’s office equipments. Make sure your photocopier is as accurate in size and color as you are with your numbers.


Every business is unique, so identifying the right photocopier for you depends on your goals, budget, and requirements and that’s where steps in.

One of our consultants will research options available to before referring you to the ones which cater for your individual requirements. Then it’s up to you to choose which one you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

A modern photocopier can improve the efficiency of your business. Today’s models are sophisticated tools that can carry out a wide range of tasks and are often referred to as multi-function printers (MFPs). They do the important job of reproducing documents faster, more efficiently, more reliably and more cheaply.

It depends on what you require. There are three basic categories of photocopiers that your business may fall into:

Small/home office: Copiers designed for small offices and home offices are typically desktop size to conserve space;

Office: Office copiers are often large tabletop size or freestanding and are built to suit the needs of multi-person offices;

Production: If your business requires high-volume printing, professional-grade graphics, and advanced document-finishing options, then you may need a production printer.

Your usage is important to determine the copying capacity of your photocopier. A lot of contemporary copiers and multifunction devices have a large capacity tray that can hold anywhere from 500 sheets to upwards of 5000 sheets or more. However, you can expand the capacity even further when you add extra paper trays to the base unit.

Most manufacturers indicate the copying capacity of their models in the package. Check the specifications to know the monthly volume capacity of your chosen brand and model.

Work out the number of pages each month that the photocopier will produce and what the copier will be mostly used for. This will help decide whether you will need a black and white or colour copier, size of its capacity tray and how large the copier will be.

Both methods have their pros and cons including depreciation, maintenance issues and tax incentives. Buying office equipment is expensive so if you are running a start-up, it makes better financial sense to lease. However, if you make large volumes of copies per month, it’s best to buy to avoid charges associated with leasing.

Again, it depends on your office needs but inkjet is the most economical option for businesses that don’t print a lot of pages at a time. But, while a laser printer is more expensive, it will save you money in the long run because you will not be buying toner.

Multi-function photocopiers are the preferred option for businesses because they incorporate copying, scanning, printing, email and faxing in the one machine. The machine can directly scan to your email or computer. You also save a considerable amount of cash compared to running each of these devices separately.  And if you have a smaller office, they are space-savers.

Some machines are low priced but still deliver high quality, while others are costly and simply not worth it. It’s best to do your research before buying, carefully considering the features of each machine and your needs.

Choose the best type of photocopier available that’s going to be the most flexible solution for your business

A photocopier is a huge investment to make in any business so while shopping for one, it’s best to have a checklist of things you may need.  That checklist should include speed, cost, volume, additional features, manufacturer and purchasing options.

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Small businesses are important to the Australian economy as they account for 99 percent of all Australian businesses, contribute hundreds of billions to the economy and employ more than 5.5 million people. We love supporting our very own and that's why we help Australian business owners to find the best POS solution to meet their individual needs at the best price.


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