Today’s market is relying on contact centers in resolving the issues of clients. For a business to thrive, getting new clients and retaining existing customers involve providing excellent customer service. Warren Buffett used to say, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to ruin it. If you think about it, you’ll do things differently.”

Without a doubt, bad customer service can taint your reputation. If you leave a bad impression on customers, it will surely spread like wildfire. You can lose one customer today, and maybe ten tomorrow. That is how powerful word of mouth is. If you do good deeds, customers will commend you for it and even recommend your company to people.

The same theory applies when you failed to provide efficient service. The good news is that you can still improve their experience. Here are tips to ensure customer satisfaction at the end of each call.

  1. Minimise on-hold times

Imagine putting yourself in your customer’s shoes. While resources and solutions may not be readily available, especially for complex issues, it does not excuse you to keep on putting customers on hold. If on-hold times cannot be avoided, be sure to employ shorter waiting times.

  1. Manage call flow efficiently

Receiving a lot of calls is inevitable. Contact centers are designed that way. However, the lack of a proper system can jeopardize your reputation, especially if customers do not get immediately attended to. Be sure to have measures in place that will effectively manage high call volume. Customers must also be routed to the correct department.

  1. Keep workers satisfied and happy

Employees who are happy will go the extra mile to resolve customer’s issues. Be sure to take care of them as well. If your agents are not happy, they can also become impolite or rude when answering calls. A bad attitude can have a negative impact on your agents’ customer satisfaction rating.

  1. Monitor customer interaction

There are customers who have been calling your contact center for the same issue. It can be a very frustrating experience for them. It is essential that you monitor customer interaction so you will know how the customers should be handled the next time he or she calls.

  1. Be an active listener

Receiving calls from an irate customer is unavoidable. Your employees should not take this call personally as customers are only venting out their discontentment with the system. Listen attentively and value the customer’s feedback. Provide resolution to the issue before the end of the call.

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