Have you ever wondered why there are work environments boost your productivity while others just cannot seem to give you enough motivation?

There is no doubt that office layouts can affect employees’ productivity. You may not know it but workers become more productive if the design is more creative and conducive for collaboration.

So, whether you are upgrading your office or you are just setting up a new one, be sure to take your office layout into account.

How does office layouts affect work patterns?

Each business has a different approach to make the workplace as productive as possible. Since there is no specific layout plan that suits the type of company culture you have, experimenting on the layout effects can help you decide which design can give your employees positive energy. Consider working in a dark office.

Do you still feel enthusiastic about carrying out the task? If you feel stressed and tired upon entering your office, it has a lot to do with the designs. You need space and design to encourage people to communicate. You should not create any barrier that will hinder everyone from interacting with each other.

The impact of noise and distractions

While it is good to create a workplace environment where everyone can interact and collaborate, employees also need an environment free from distractions.

How can they be able to make use of their creativity and ensure seamless workflow if they are distracted by noise? You will need to add private storage space for your employees’ documents and supplies.

Having desks on wheels that provide flexibility is also a good idea. Be sure that your employees also have control over their work environment as this can lead to increasing their productivity.

The impact of lighting

The lighting is an important part of your overall office layouts. This is one factor that you cannot afford to ignore. The natural light can affect the mood and satisfaction of your employees. Be sure to create an office layout which allows your employees to get natural light.

Your employees will be happier if they are close to the source of natural light. Artificial light can cause headaches, dizziness and strained eyes. If you are going to renovate your office, make sure that you increase your employees’ exposure to the sources of natural light.

You also need to ask about your employees’ input regarding the office layouts. By taking note of their needs and preferences, you will be able to provide them with a workspace where they can thrive.


Is your workspace conducive to productivity? If yes, share why do you think it is in the comments below.