Going to work could be a tedious task for many, but for others from certain offices, it’s better than partying out at any pub.

These offices go beyond the standard ergonomic quality that many offices use to allow their employees to feel healthier and be more productive, but these spaces are so incredible they will make you want to stay late on a Friday night.

With the help of Instagram, we were able to curate 12 of the coolest offices in the world.

  1. WeWork – Melbourne, Australia

  1. Two Sigma Collision Lab – New York City, United States

  1. BPX Energy – Colorado, United States

  1. Haworth Inc. – United Kingdom

  1. Sivatos – Singapore

  1. Skender Construction  – Illinois, United States

  1. Booking.com – Amsterdam

  1. Software House – Gliwice, Poland

  1. JPMorgan Chase Regional Headquarters – Texas, United States

  1. PDG  – Melbourne


If given a chance, which of these offices you would work in next?