Today’s workspaces have changed for the better. Now people can break the cliche of 9 to  5 jobs as they no longer have to be chained to their desks. By providing employees with flexibility, it is now easy to collaborate in a fun and efficient way. Office designs these days are created from a more comprehensive perspective.

With the radical shift, the design has also put employees’ productivity into consideration. Even during a busy day, workers can still grab some coffee or tea without going outside the office as there is a steady supply of daily caffeine fix.

With the surprising changes in the way people work, laptops are getting sleeker and mobile devices have become part of the office culture. As more and more businesses have become adaptive of digital technology, seeing offices being converted into a modern workspace no longer comes as a surprise.

As you say goodbye to the traditional work environment, upgrading your office space poses some challenges. The office designs need to be creative, productive and collaborative. It should be a place where employees can look forward to going to the office every day.

Office Design & Collaboration

Collaboration is now becoming a buzzword for most offices. For workplaces that are aspiring to create a collaborative environment, office designs are going to be vital for recreating the work environment. Staff needs to have meeting rooms to brainstorm ideas. Before you jump into designing a collaborative workplace, you need to start with understanding the company culture so you will know the right office design solution to consider.

No matter how modern the office design you have chosen, if it does not suit the company culture, it will definitely not work. There are many ways offices collaborate. Before starting to work on office design, you need to make sure that it will give people and companies the chance to collaborate in many different ways.

You can get some inspiration from these office designs on Instagram:

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  1. Design by Aikonik – @designbyaikonik

Office designs do not have to stick to basic colors and layouts. Experiment on various designs until you find the ones that suit your taste and needs. Be sure to keep your employees in mind when choosing a design and do not forget to get those creative juices pumping.

Share your top pick in the comments. Happy decorating!