It’s not easy to turn any new business into a success story, but getting a restaurant off the ground and into the black is especially daunting. Between the long hours, lunch and dinner rushes, and staffing requirements, you’ll likely have your hands full planning the logistics of your business. But before you can start cranking out metric tons of food, you’ll need commercial kitchen equipment.

Unless you’re independently wealthy, most restaurant owners will have to look into restaurant equipment leasing and/or loans in order to purchase the ovens, ice machines, and grills you need. Don’t let your business suffer for want of the right commercial kitchen equipment. With the right financing, that reach-in freezer can be yours!

If you’re getting your restaurant up and running, you may not have the time to independently research every vendor out there to determine their suitability. Why not leave that part to us? Here are a few solid equipment financing options.

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Next Steps


Upgrade your Eftpos machine and watch your business thrive. With a new eftpos machine up your sleeve you can take payments faster and connect it to your modern POS system too.

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Your POS system can make or break your business. If you are unable to keep up with daily tasks, staff are struggling with an old system or it’s too complex, now is the time to upgrade.

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Phone System

Taking bookings, confirming numbers or ordering supplies for the next day shouldn’t be made more difficult with an old phone system that doesn’t work. If you are ready to save money on your phone bills it’s time to upgrade.

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Ice Machines

Taking the time to know which pieces of key equipment need to be replaced is the key to keeping things going in a busy hospitality business. Ensure you can handle increased ice demand over the warmer months with a new ice mahcine.

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Contactless Order & Pay Solutions

Offering your customers the chance to stay COVID-19 safe whilst being served at your venue is so important going into 2021. Now is the time to get table order & pay solutions to keep everyone safe and happy.

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Your 2021 Checklist

Tick off the items as you go and see what you need to do in the new year:

Have the right equipment e.g pos, eftpos, contactless
Think about your staff and if you need to expand or shuffle positions around in the new year
Loans – is it time to upgrade your business premises, decor, modernize, upgrade and change to adapt to the new normal way of serving.
Revamp your menu to suit the seasonal changes in produce and think about expanding or refining your offerings
Show off your offerings and deals with digital signage made for your business


Have the right equipment

When was the last time you took an inventory of your business’s equipment? If it’s been more than a year, now is the time to get to it! Not only will you find pieces of old, broken equipment, but you might also find things that could be being put to work, pushed onto the back shelves.

Stop wasting money on equipment that you don’t use and spend that money on upgrading essential pieces instead.

Here are some key pieces of hospitality-related equipment that you should take a look at in your business and think about upgrading for a better 2021.

  • Chairs and tables – ensuring your tables and chairs are free of stains, wobbly legs or scratches is key to keeping your business on the map and free from poor reviews. Keeping on top of something so simple can really make a difference.
  • POS system – your POS system should work for you, rather than against you. If your staff spend too long trying to find different items or make changes, it might be time to upgrade and make life simpler and easier for everyone. Not only will you improve wait times, but a modern system can allow you to integrate apps and more.
POS System
  • EFTPOS machine – Ensuring you can keep up with the fast-paced transactions and lower your merchant fees is key. If your EFTPOS machine is costing you too much, get quotes for a new one today
EFTPOS Machine
  • Table order & pay solutions – your customers want to be able to order and pay without leaving their table or waiting for a staff member to come over. Table order and pay is an easy integration for your POS system that will keep everyone happy.
Table Order & Pay Solutions
  • Ice machines – keep up with demand this summer, all you need is your own ice machine. Stop buying bagged ice or relying on people to fill up trays, an ice machine takes care of all of this for you.

If your business needs an extra boost, having the latest equipment, fresh, clean, and ready to go is the best way forward. Not only will your staff be able to pump out those orders in a more efficient manner, but your floor staff will be able to turn over the tables faster too – bringing in more money!



Are you offering your staff the best opportunities to grow and succeed in your business? Supporting your staff not only reduces turnover but drives respect and a healthy working environment where efficiency and productivity thrive.

Take some time to write down each staff member’s key strengths and passions, what do they enjoy doing, what do they struggle with? Develop and hone-in on these areas and work with your staff to help them be the best they can be.

Whilst you are thinking about each person in your team, now is a good time to consider whether you will need to start looking for more staff, if you have been getting busier or see that you are understaffed. If you think that someone is not fitting in well with your team or performing as you would expect, it might be time to let them go and make room for a new superstar to enter your business and shine.


Financial help

We all know there is nothing wrong with asking for help and that goes for your business too. If you think there are ways your business could be improved, whether that be with a new coat of paint, new chairs, or a whole new kitchen, now is the time to do it!

Get that renovation started so you can bring in the new year with a fresh look at your business and an even better offering for your customers.

How, you may ask, can you possibly do all the things you need to before 2021, without some cold-hard cash. The answer is – with a hospitality-specific loan provider.

You can access a range of loan providers that can help you get those tasks you have been trying to do for so long, done.

Read more about them and compare your options here


Menu Revamp

Your hospitality menu is your brand, it encompasses everything you believe in as a business owner and it should reflect your goals too. If your current menu is missing the mark and not attracting your intended clientele, it might be time to take that deep dive and start a Marie Condo-style cull.

Step 1 – Take a look at your current menu, meal by meal, drink by drink. Once you get to the end make note of anything that jumped out to you and anything that really didn’t appeal or make you smile.

Step 2 – For every meal or beverage that you remove, replace it with a new one. Try and opt for seasonal ingredients and be flexible, maybe try something completely new, but still within your usual cuisine bracket or offering.

Step 3 – If you are super happy with everything as it is, maybe think about having a weekly special that can draw in new customers.


Invest in digital signage

It’s time for traditional paper signs, posters and chalkboard menu’s to be dumped. Make room for a new age of signage that will not only save you money, in the long-term, but time too [and the environment].

Digital signage allows you to upload your menu, make changes and design it exactly how you want it when you want to.

Here are three ways your business can use digital signage to your advantage:

  1. Digital menus – with digitally presented and programmed menus, you will be able to update with ease and add specials whenever you like!
  2. Marketing – got a special offer on Tuesdays? Showcase it on your digital signage.
  3. Brand awareness – catch people’s eye with colourful and thought provoking digital signage that expresses who you are and what you do.

Want to find out more about digital signage options? Click below