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No matter what the size of your fleet, the wheels must be constantly moving. Companies that use vehicles in their day-to-day work face many challenges including high costs and customer expectations, plus worker safety and productivity issues. Fleet management solutions allow business owners to make informed decisions by tracking where their vehicles are in real time, providing greater visibility into fleet performance.

GPS vehicle tracking lets you optimise:

Vehicle Routes

Cut at least 20 percent of your fleet operation costs when you use smart fleet management software that allows you to identify the best routes.

Reduce Fuel & Maintenance Costs

Reduce fuel consumption by monitoring driving behaviour such as speeding.

Employee driving behaviour and productivity

Pinpoint drivers on a route in real time and make smarter dispatching decisions when sending out orders.

Customer Satisfaction

Increase customer confidence in your company.

Fleet Security

GPS tracking to manage your fleet's security.


Keep tabs on fleet responsibilities including working and driving hours, fleet maintenance, vehicle testing, tachograph and other matters to guarantee your fleet compliance.


Every business is unique, so identifying the right fleet solution for you depends on your goals, budget and requirements. Do you want to keep your fleet management costs to a minimum? Talk to a fleet management expert to find the right solution.

Fleet Management How-To Guides

Are you a small to medium size business maintaining a fleet of vehicles? Whether delivery vans, taxis or cars for a mobile team, you understand how much it costs when you consider fuel, insurance, maintenance and repairs. For a business owner, ensuring that your team uses the vehicles efficiently can be a tedious task. Learn how to streamline your fleet management to save hours of manpower.



Every business is unique, so identifying the right fleet solution for you depends on your goals, budget and requirements. Do you want to keep your fleet management costs to a minimum? Talk to a fleet management expert to find the right solution.

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The - 3 Simple Steps to Fleet Management Savings

Step 1. Complete the quick questionnaire;

Our Fleet Management experts have devised a quick questionnaire to help in assessing you online for the best fleet management solution for your business. It only takes a minute and will help the team to match you to the best fleet management solution for you. We’ll give you a call with free professional advice after you complete the forms.

Step 2. Speak with a fleet management expert for free;

You’ll receive a call from one of our local Fleet Management Experts to discuss the different providers and deals available to you. If you like what you’ve found they’ll get started on arranging the best time for you to make the switch, it takes just 2-4 business days to receive your plug-in, activate and go terminal/s.

Step 3. Enjoy lower fuel costs.

Once you’ve signed up with your new Fleet Management provider, you’ll experience the tangible benefits of having a fleet management software that allows you to monitor your fleet and cut your fuel costs whenever you can.

Smartie Benefits

Benefits of using our Fleet Management Experts knowledge...

Optimize Fleet Availability

Gives you the power to manage and predict fleet availability by scheduling servicing at optimal to ensure you are always operating at maximum fleet capacity.

Reduce Fleet Costs by 10%

Implement and follow MEX preventative maintenance policies, be vigilant in analyzing your maintenance information, and track responsibility through MEX and you’ll be well on your way to a 10% cost cut.

Save Money By Saving Time

See a reduction in administration hours with your new fleet management software. Experience paperless maintenance system, comprehensive records, and digital access to fleet servicing history.

No Obligation - No High Pressure Sales

You’re under no obligation to move forward with our recommended EFTPOS provider, we'll guide you through the process with no pressure.

Industry Options A Quick Guide

Confused by the different solutions for each industry?

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

Reduce labor, fleet and inventory costs to increase the profitability of their indoor supply chain.


Automated vehicle and inventory tracking solutions eliminate operator scanning and automatically track the paper rolls and the trucks within the warehouse.


Automated vehicle and inventory tracking of agricultural goods can provide real-time, accurate and cost-effective data.


Real-time, cost-effective, reliable visibility of inventory and material movement improves both accuracy and efficiency.


Advanced tracking and equipment monitoring solutions, retailers have the opportunity to improve the overall performance and productivity of their operations.

Food and Beverage

Advanced tracking solutions for vehicles and inventory provide the tools and business intelligence necessary to eliminate manual data capture, improve inventory accuracy up to 99.9%, increase facility throughput and improve slot and space utilization.


Every business is unique, and your fleet management requirement can be different compared to the shop owner across the street. Talk to a fleet management expert today to know your options. We will help you find the exact type of fleet management solution for your unique needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Technically speaking, both a large, nationally-operating trucking company and a small, locally-operating delivery company are considered fleets.

So, if you fall into either of these categories or anywhere in between, you’ve got a fleet to run. Regardless of the size and operating procedures of your fleet, you need a comprehensive fleet management program to keep your fleet running as efficiently as possible.

At its core, fleet management covers the practices of overseeing, organising and recording all aspects of a company’s fleet. These managerial duties might include, but aren’t limited to, establishing regular vehicle maintenance schedules, establishing cost-saving measures and implementing new driver training programs.

Depending on your company’s size and the industry in which you operate, the size of your fleet management practices vary.

  • Recording and maintaining accurate data and information on all aspects of the fleet;
  • Assessing, managing and mitigating all associated risks at every level of your organisation;
  • Analysing recorded data, extrapolating issues from the data and recommending solutions;
  • Establishing situational processes and procedures for a variety of scenarios and circumstances that the fleet may encounter.

A successful fleet management program boosts your company’s well-being with the following:

  • Lowered costs, greater returns;
  • Increased overall business efficiency;
  • Improved employee happiness;
  • Strengthened corporate peace of mind.

Essentially, if your business needs multiple vehicles to properly function, you need some form of fleet management to ensure that your fleet is operating safely and to its greatest potential.

The type of fleet your company has will play a big part in determining how you proceed with the establishment of your fleet management program.

  • Small businesses – florist and gift delivery, catering and food delivery, cleaning service, electrician/plumbing/HVAC, landscaping;
  • Large businesses – rental car/truck services, moving companies, taxi companies, delivery companies, long haul semi-trailer companies.
  • Fleet tracking systems monitor a variety of issues such as driving routes, idling times, driver down-times, vehicle location and more;
  • Fleet tracking systems can contribute to an improvement in the overall on-road safety of your fleet. The software can identify unsafe driving practices such as hard braking or excessive driving hours;
  • In the event of an accident or theft, fleet tracking software can be used to monitor and track vehicles by both the company and by law enforcement. It can also track who has access to the vehicle and/or the cargo and monitor any unauthorised access.

Fleet insurance gives you room to cover all your vehicles under one policy, even if you have a few different models. The upside of this is that you don’t have to spend time compiling figures for every vehicle you look after.

Indoor and Outdoor Tracking Specialists

For fleet owners, the tasks involved in managing fleets can be overwhelming. Without a fleet management system, daily operations can be chaotic.

Unorganised business operations can result in higher overhead costs. Delivering excellent customer service is also a challenge.

In 2019, new technologies have emerged and most of them proving a huge boon to business owners.

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