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Ensuring that you can do your job, run your business successfully and make a profit is important. To do this you need to have a strong foundation, like any construction based business, it all starts with quality equipment from trusted providers. Compare construction equipment provider quotes with ease.

Smartie is here to help you find the right equipment for the best price, without wasting your time.

What are the benefits?

  • Keep your business growing and income growing.
  • Feel safe with quality equipment you can rely on.
  • Save time and money on researching and shopping around.
  • Affordable options and customisable quotes.

Protect your business with a quality security system

Ensuring the safety and security of your business, no matter how big or small, is always top of the priority list. Not only is the investment worth your time and money, but it will also allow you to conduct business without the constant stress of security breaches.

Finding the right system and features for your business is important, so that’s why we have done the hard work for you and only bring you the very best.

What are the benefits?

  • Keep your business growing and income growing.
  • Feel safe with quality equipment you can rely on.
  • Save time and money on researching and shopping around.
  • Affordable options and customisable quotes.

Step 1: Find Suppliers

Answer a few questions and we’ll match you with suppliers for your unique scenario.

Step 2: Compare Quotes

Get real personalised quotes from multiple suppliers and compare side by side.

Step 3: Choose

Choose the right quote for your business or continue shopping. No obligations.

Key Benefits You Will Love:

Protect Your Staff

Keep your staff and business safe by using approved and quality equipment.

Save time and money

Use your time and money better with equipment that won’t fail you and suppliers that are reliable.

Run Smoothly

With your very own equipment available all the time, you will be able to run your business better.

The Big Wigs

Brands that are well-known and easy to contact if you need assistance or a service.

Grow your business

Expand your business offerings with new and advanced equipment in the construction industry.

Work smarter not harder

Instead of doing manual labour, use equipment to make your life easier and get jobs done faster!

Construction equipment 101:

There are many different industries that could benefits from investing in your own construction equipment. Whether you decide to lease or purchase out-right, there is an option for everyone. Stop relying on rental companies and take control of your business.

To consider:

How often will you use them?

If you use the item for more than 50% of your jobs, buy it, if less than 50% rent it.

Can you increase your offerings?

What are you currently offering as part of your services? If you are only doing small-scale jobs or the opposite due to needing to hire equipment, then you can offer more and not have to worry about hiring or waiting for equipment to be available.

If you are constantly in need of a certain piece of equipment, but find yourself forking out thousands in rental fees, now is the time to secure yourself your very own – whether it be leased or purchased outright.

Will you make more money?

By taking on more work and without having to rely on external rental companies, you will be likely to increase your profit margins and can get through more work with ease.

Are you opening a new business or expanding an existing one?

Whether you are thinking about opening a new construction company, landscaping business or other, there will always be a need for the right pieces of equipment that will help you do the jobs you need to with ease and in a timely manner.

To lease or buy:

There are many benefits to both decisions, but it will all come down to your individual business financial situation. If you can afford to purchase outright this will ensure you get the best possible deal, without interest and it is yours to keep forever.

Leasing to buy is better for those who do not have the funds upfront and allows you to pay it off as you bring in money through new projects and work.

Use these steps to assist you in making the final decision:

  • Figure out how many months of the year you’ll be using the equipment on a regular basis.
  • Determine how many years you expect you’ll need to have the equipment in your possession.
  • Calculate the cost of buying versus leasing over that time frame, and don’t forget to factor in maintenance, transportation and storage costs for a purchase.
  • Calculate how much you could sell the equipment for at the end of this term were you to purchase it outright.
  • Consult with your workers on how important new equipment is to the performance of their jobs.

Frequently Asked Questions

We only partner with the best, quality and well-known brands on the market, so you can be sure to be offered quotes from the big wigs.

This is all about your current financial position, if you can afford to buy, go for it. If you would prefer to lease to buy, there is also this option, but it does often come out more expensive.

If you own your own construction equipment you only need to rely on your staff to show up and do the job, no longer needing to worry about whether certain equipment is available to hire or will be in working condition. Save time and money on hire fees with you very own suit of equipment.