Your business is one of the most important things in your life, that and your family and friends. Wouldn’t you do whatever you could to ensure that your business is safe and secure no matter what? In this article, we discuss what’s involved in keeping your business safe and how you can get started.

Security systems 101:

There are many different parts to a quality security system, it’s not just about installing cameras.

A few key components that are popular for business owners are; Cameras or CCTV installation, monitoring (whether that be by a professional company 24/7 of self-monitoring through a modern app), motion sensors (which are great for high-traffic areas) and key fob access for staff.

These are the basics and there are many more features you can add to any security package. That being said, if budget is an issue, always opt for the basics first and a quality monitoring system.

To note:

Monitoring is key, without this there is no point in having a security system at all. Most companies that offer 24/7 monitoring services will also allow you to add on alert call-outs and other security services like patrol cars. Their fees can range and are usually on a monthly basis. If you decide that your business is small enough for you or a manager to monitor yourself, ensure you have a good backup memory drive to store camera footage on. You can now gain access to real-time alerts and monitoring via mobile phone apps for a monthly fee as well.

Fob keys:

These allow your staff to gain access to the building and be registered as “being on the premises” via your security system. Not only does this help prevent unwarranted access by civilians but it also allows you to know who is in your building at all times, great for evacuation procedures.

Tell-tale signs:

If you or your staff have been noticing disturbing patterns outside or inside your business, it could be a case of “better late than never” to install a security system.

Some key concerns and signs that business owners may see are;

  • Cash going missing
  • Stock-take numbers are significantly out, meaning shoplifting could be an issue
  • Suspicious people lurking outside the building, casing the place
  • Regular attempted or real break-ins
  • Tampered doorknobs and broken windows
  • Same customers coming into the store without buying anything

If you notice any of these things, crime may be occurring in and around your business without you even knowing.

The solution:

Install a quality security system with cameras, motion sensors, and money till/POS locking features or have an off-site safe so no cash is held on your premises. There is a range of great packages for affordable prices. Not only will you be able to rest assured that your business is safe, but you will save money on theft etc. in the long-run.

Benefits for your business:

  • Safe and secure workplace
  • Great for insurance policies
  • Instant alerts
  • Self-monitoring or professional monitoring both available
  • Easy to use apps, 24/7 monitoring
  • Affordable packages
  • Less profit/stock loss
  • More reliable staff = less turn-over

The Wrap Up:

Checking the security status of your business at the moment can be going through the list of potential signs above, or simply taking a look around and thinking about how valuable your business is to you. If the answer is – ‘it’s everything’, now is the time to take the plunge and install a quality security system that will help protect your business and your livelihood.